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For decades, Tony Langford Roofing is THE top of the line roofing contractor! We encourage you to contact us whenever you see shingles on the ground, or if you see shingles sagging in the roof seams, and certainly for any leaks! We guarantee our work, and our reputation is #1 for a reason: For over twenty years, Tony Langford Roofing is not only NUMBER One, for true professional roofing we are the ONLY one! CALL 903-701-5440 or Contact us today!


Tony Langford has been doing construction and remodeling for twenty years, and his reputation is impeccable for a reason: Tony does it RIGHT and fixes ANY problems that show up from the work his experienced crews perform. Need a new bathroom? A bigger closet? New back porch? Adding a second story? Tony Langford Construction is the BEST in the business! CALL 903-701-5440 or Contact us today!

Metal Roofing

Need or considering a metal roof? Tony Langford Roofing has the experience, the crews, the high quality work, and the guarantee to not only put your mind at ease but to make it EASY for you to say YES to what you want! Tony Langford Roofing is Number One for roofing for over twenty years. CALL 903-701-5440 or Contact us today!

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Best job!! Hardest working guys….precise, friendly, neat, great cleanup….beautiful finished product!! Highest recommendation ever!! 5 STAR!

Julie McCorkle Williams

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Tony Langford
Read Tony’s incredible story in Alt Magazine!

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